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Stand-up sign of Catholic Graduate Expectations beside double doors painted with a giant grizzly bear face with BOSCO BEARS painted above it.

Our teaching and non-teaching staff are here to help. To reach a member of our team call 905-743-6223.

Name Grade/Position
Mr. M. Goff Principal
Mrs. C. Tynan Vice-Principal
Mrs. S. Ribeiro-Dantas Secretary
Mrs. Aldorasi/K. Hoben
Mrs. Fiorini/ Ms. Fras-Wachon
Ms. Mood/ Mrs. Spena
Mrs. Costello/Mrs. Ross
Full-Day Kindergarten
Mrs. C. Grant
Mrs. A. vanDorsser
Grade 1

Ms. B. Der
Ms. M. DosSantos

Grade 2
Mrs. C. Trovato

Grade 2/3

Ms. R. Cirelli
Mrs. B. Jenish

Grade 3
 Mr. Luciw  Grade 3/4
Ms. S. Conway
Ms. B. O'Neill
Ms. C. Olesky
 Grade 4

 Mr. N. Cavallari
Mr. D. Joskow

 Grade 5
Mrs. D. Elliott
Mr. R. Hayes
 Grade 6
 Mrs. P. Loveys
Mrs. L. Sternad
 Grade 7
 Mr. C. Cyr
Miss S. Whitney
 Grade 8

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