Staff Directory

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Our teaching and non-teaching staff are here to help. To reach a member of our team call 905-743-6223.

Name Grade/Position
Mr. M. Goff Principal
Mrs. C. Tynan Vice-Principal
Mrs. S. Ribeiro-Dantas Secretary
Mrs. Aldorasi/Mrs. Hoben
Mrs. Fiorini/Mrs. Fras-Wachon 
Ms. Mood/Mrs. Spena
Mrs. Costello/Mrs. Ross

Mrs. G. Grant
Mrs. vanDorsser

Grade 1

Ms. B. Der
Ms. M. DosSantos

Grade 2

Ms. Trovato

Grade 2/3

Ms. R. Cirelli
Mrs. B. Jenish

Grade 3
Mr. W. Luciw Grade 3/4 
Ms. B. O'Neill

Grade 4

Ms. C. Olesky

Grade 4

Ms. S. Conway Grade 4
Mr. D. Joskow Grade 5
Mr. N. Cavallari Grade 5
Mrs. D. Elliott

Grade 6

Mr. R. Hayes

Grade 6

Mrs. P. Loveys Grade 7
Mrs. L. Sternad Grade 7
Mr. C. Cyr Grade 8

Mrs. S. Whitney

Grade 8

Mme. C. Rinaldi
M. M. Penney
Mrs. H. Mitchell Library

Mrs. C. Faria
Mrs. Lainey Kennedy

Program Support

Miss D. Gallagher
Mr. S. Noonan

Curriculum Coverage

Mrs. C. Boisvert
Mrs. K. Cannon
Mrs. K. Cusma

Educational Assistants
Mr. D. Scott
Mr. P. Weeks
Mr. J. Dobson

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