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A class of younger students playing in the sand and grass.

Our educators provide parents and guardians with information on what's happening in their classrooms. Find your class webpage below.

Name of Educator Class Webpages
Mrs. Kirkaldy/Miss Shaw
Ms. O'Neill/Mrs. Spena
Mrs. Grant/Mrs. El-Hajjeh
Mrs. VanDorsser/Mrs. Ross
Ms. S. Conway
Mrs. C. Costello
Mrs. C. Grant
Ms. T. Mood
Grade 1
Ms. C. Trovato
Ms. B. Der
Grade 2
Mrs. B. Jenish

Grade 2/3

Ms. R. Cirelli Grade 3
Mr. W. Luciw Grade 3/4 
Mr. R. Hayes
Mrs. C. Olesky
Mrs. A. Van Dorsser

Grade 4

Mr. D. Joskow Grade 5
Mrs. Y. Minard Grade 5/6
Mrs. D. Elliott

Grade 6

Mrs. P. Loveys Grade 6/7
Mr. C. Cyr Grade 7/8

Mrs. E. McCrory

Grade 8

Mme. C. Rinaldi
Mme. C. Brillinger

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